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Complete Works of Gilles Mureau

Amiens MS 162 D

Sacred music of the 15th century

Uppsala MS 76a

Peter Woetmann Christoffersen

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Basiron’s chansons
Busnoys & scibes PDF
Chansons in Fa-clefs
Chansoner på nettet
Fede, Works
Dulot’s Ave Maria
Open access 15th c.
MS Florence 2794


Papers and notes

‘On chansons notated in fa-clefs – and the question of pitch in 15th century secular music

Ockeghem’s Missa Cuiusvis toni and fa-clefs

A note on the motet »Beata dei genitrix« by Dunstable or Binchois

Bibliography of editions and literature for Ockeghem's “Prenez sur moi”

‘On chansons starting with a general pause

‘Busnoys in the hands of scribes, or: What did key signatures mean to the scribes?’ PDF

The Complete Works of Gilles Mureau

‘The French musical manuscript in Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana, Ms. 2794,
and the ‘Loire Valley’ chansonniers

Florence 2794 - List of contents

The chansons of Basiron’s youth and the dating of the ‘Loire Valley’ chansonniers’.

‘The music of Jean Sohier dit Fede: Comments and edition

‘Music, competition and the Art de seconde rhétorique: The youthful chansons of Gilles Mureau and Philippe Basiron’, Danish Yearbook of Musicology 41:1 (2017), pp. 3–31. July 2017.