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Complete Works of Gilles Mureau

Amiens MS 162 D

Sacred music of the 15th century

Uppsala MS 76a

Peter Woetmann Christoffersen

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Basiron’s chansons
Busnoys & scibes PDF
Chansons in Fa-clefs
Chansoner på nettet
Fede, Works
Dulot’s Ave Maria
Open access 15th c.
MS Florence 2794


Abbreviations used on this site:

2v, 3v, 4v = number of voices in a composition
[3v] = number of voices in concordant source(s)

S = Superius
T = Tenor
C = Contratenor
CA = Contratenor altus
CB = Contratenor bassus

f./ff. = folio/folios
v = verso (e.g. f. 1v = folio 1 verso)
p./pp. = page/pages
b./bb. = bar/bars (e.g. b. 2.3 = bar 2, (position of the) 3. semibrevis)

mx = maxima
lo = longa
br = brevis
sbr = semibrevis
mi = minina
smi = seminiminima
fu = fusa

br·; sbr·; etc. = dotted notes

C, D, E. F, etc. = pitch class
C, D, E ... c, d, e ... c', d', e' ... c", d", e" ... = pitch
C1, C2, F3, F4, G2 etc. = standard clefs on staff lines numbered from the bottom line and up.

   fa1(-5) = a fa-sign or a flat on one of the five staff-lines
   fas1(-5) = a fa-sign in one the spaces of the staff
   mi1(-5) = mi-sign or sharp/natural placed in the same way

[name (/ name)] = composer attribution(s) in concordant source(s)
[Anonymous] = found without composer attribution in concordant source(s)

See further ‘Bibliography’ and ‘List of sigla for other sources’